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GRAMMATICALITY is never without a degree of GRADIENCE and SQUISH since, in its attempt to circumscribe, INDETERMINACY and FUZZINESS become the focus of attention amongst some linguists, while others furcate. Advertisements

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Speak your Peace

Sing the songs for Peace That the airwaves may ring West to East. It’s a chance to make amends Without you having to contend. Speak with reconciliation, Rather than with restrictive bills. Don’t fret — just imagine Peace. Speak not of … Continue reading

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The key to language fluency and effective communication is two-fold: articulation and eloquence. All (grammar) rules, though set down to simplify things, make for an oversimplification, stereotyping and a detachment from emotion. ‘To every rules there is (an) exception,’ Maybe. But … Continue reading

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One day maybe we will return to the state of being but a mathematical equation. The great computer we are building for ourselves will swallow us all up. Delete. Enter. Back… Space  

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if distant planets are a proof of signs of past life, why are we looking to travel into the past? look ahead – look within!

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The Big Picture

Yes, Einstein’s disciples will tell you that the Whole is flat — 2-dimentional– Sharper than the whack you get for saying today that the world is none other than round. Who should dare say the opposite, right? Just as poisonous … Continue reading

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So Who was the real Geezer in Giza?

Sun, Wind and Sand days on end slowly uncover the Pyramids once, like cristals, formed by the very shape of the cosmos itself, and then after made to encase our dead kings. Like the sand wind and sun that gradually … Continue reading

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A pale skin people

A pale skin people, they were to have made their way between the Grand Canyons and the Egyptian pyramids, underground. A Buddha figure was found in the caverns of the Canyons with Egyptian-like engravings.

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Oh God

“God is a concept by which we measure our pain” — John Lennon God’s ‘unspeakable’ name is pronounced whence one first smokes tobacco and one coughs. Too bad we never listened… Listen! for it is like an echo, something like … Continue reading

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reflection on John Lennon’s ‘i solation’

My interpretation of John’s Song: People say we(‘ve) got it made Don’t they know we’re so afraid? I—seul-ation [French for alone] We’re afraid to be alone; Everybody got to have a home, Isolation [French for insulation!] Just a boy and … Continue reading

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essentials of my séjour in a Hindu temple, a retrospect

Hearing a broader range of musical possibilities, from an ancient cultural scope Learning by invitation from oral tradition Effective improvisation as a reflection of self, expression of love and devotion to Life which is not separate from bodily reality yet … Continue reading

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blood line

Don’t mix meat & tobacco It might entice cancer. the next best thing to blood is beet root juice. Drink a pint instead.

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Perspective Is a glance to one side a glance to one’s side Face to face, one is defensive But it is one’s profile which truly speaks Our ears are sight With which the eye only reflects off of A conversation between two involves a … Continue reading

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Self-tuned characteristics

Delicate soul Sounds, smell Fine tuned instrument Presence Much old experience A taste of the delicacy Here for the progression Leading to something beyond Preparing for something else Outside of this life Yet aware of moments of unity Transformative truths And each … Continue reading

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I actually recognize half the people I re-encounter in the so-called life. Race for the finish is complete Means for expansion I recall, in a reminiscence of a past cycle , and then, returning to one’s were left off, I … Continue reading

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