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“It’s the decimals that count.”

∨∧∨∧∨∧∨∧∨∧∨∧∨∧∨HERTZ so good! ∧∨∧∨∧∨∧∨∧∨∧∨∧∨∧∨∧∨ DIVIsion Are we so afraid of the power of the 3 sixes and nines? 666 999…or 888? 666 X 999 = 665334 666 + 999 = 1665 (which in turn = [7 + 11] or 8 + … Continue reading

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Why Arithmetic?

Another puzzle worth investigating (if it has not been done already) is this: What percentage of young children, when learning to count, leave out the number Four, and if this really is a common thing, WHY so? And then, whether this … Continue reading

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He who laffs last laughs best

    You know the term canned laughter, or fake laughter? Yeah you know, what you hear on comedy sitcoms and talk shows? Well, it’s known as a ‘laugh track’ and the editing process in post-production is known as ‘sweetening’, by … Continue reading

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Bowie’s Sound

One is able to literally touch the sound of David Bowie / Brian Eno, it is so dense. To do so, you may sit above your speakers, or hold a headset in your hands. New Dymension in his art: One … Continue reading

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reflection on John Lennon’s ‘i solation’

My interpretation of John’s Song: People say we(‘ve) got it made Don’t they know we’re so afraid? I—seul-ation [French for alone] We’re afraid to be alone; Everybody got to have a home, Isolation [French for insulation!] Just a boy and … Continue reading

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music: why the repeat sign?

What is the reason for a classical composer’s insertion of a repeat sign?   It is not simply for the listener to be able to hear a phrase or motive a second time, but perhaps more so, for the player to get a second … Continue reading

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Self-tuned characteristics

Delicate soul Sounds, smell Fine tuned instrument Presence Much old experience A taste of the delicacy Here for the progression Leading to something beyond Preparing for something else Outside of this life Yet aware of moments of unity Transformative truths And each … Continue reading

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