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Penultimacy (an essay)

Penultimacy is a term I’ve coined to elaborate and clarify how English is ‘end-weight’ (a term that was presented in Grammar of English, by Cambridge University Press, page 902). Continue reading

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Child’s Play

If there indeed exists, as many linguists have suggested, a universal language with an innate grammar why then don’t we listen to children more?  In any case, even if there mightn’t be a universal language, mothers can certainly attest to … Continue reading

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X approaches to learning English gets on my soapbox.

In response to (but not solely to) a Dr. Luis S. Villacañas de Castro’s “Teaching English as a foreign language in accordance with Social-constructivist pedagogy / Enseñar inglés como lengua extranjera en consonancia con la  pedagogía socio-constructivista” – April 2013 At least he … Continue reading

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Memory Techniques?

What is your view of Derren Brown’s “Memory”? I came upon an offer: A free audiobook, an introduction to Derren Brown’s “Memory”, read by Derren Brown himself. He claims that his readers will be able to recite a list of … Continue reading

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GRAMMATICALITY is never without a degree of GRADIENCE and SQUISH since, in its attempt to circumscribe, INDETERMINACY and FUZZINESS become the focus of attention amongst some linguists, while others furcate.

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I base this text on a page Richard Nordquist[1] has published on comprising common expressions (Phrasemes) which many (not just Richard) misclassify as redundancies (where the redundancies in his list are shown in parentheses). Nordquist’s using the term redundancy is … Continue reading

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Cure for War

War is a devastating virus which has attacked humans ever since the Exodus and for which there is no immediate cure.

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First blog then respect

This is an opportunity to journal my thoughts. If there should be any spelling errors, it’s only because sometimes I use speech recognition program to record these thoughts. Remember that nothing in this content is meant to offend anyone however provocative it … Continue reading

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