It’s All Been Done Before

Nothing new under the Sun.

And if and when there is something new no one had thought about or accomplished, then maybe it was meant for you. But even then, you may have channeled it from someone, somewhere else. Because we are all part of a collective (sub-)consciousness.

It’s the 100th monkey principle.

Ever wonder wonder why you see or hear something do or say something you’d already thought about? Well, it’s god’s way of showing that we are all connected.

Competitiveness should be given a different name.


About clasgtr

Ever have an idea or gut feeling, which you feel may have been mediated, for which there is no proof yet you feel nevertheless is valid and important enough to share? I put these down on blog to rid myself of them - it is a question of freedom of speech, and freedom of thought, and freedom from religious persecution. If anyone should feel offended, please be free to leave my blog.
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