Brother Survive

Survival instinct is one thing. The family first. Defence instinct (eg. against an attack of a bear) is another. Both are totally legitimate. But when fear, threats, intimidation and cruelties are imposed amongst our own species and pervades all humanity, all will suffer immeasurably. The Karma is ours globally and skepticism prevails.

The more we are subjugated by these, the less likely we are going to perform selfless acts of kindness, and trust is scarce even within family circles. In a desperate effort to protect oneself first, before others, one becomes selfish. The selfishness engenders an insatiable need for ‚something’ and with it a ‘lack’, which leads to greed. And with it comes lust and perversion. A perversion of our own initial intuition, a basic sense for meditation, is overshadowed by a ‚false’ survival instinct. Self-help books will only reinforce the selfish habit. Military training begins, before the mind and conscience can form, and perversion is but suppressed.

Our innocent youth is soon corrupted and learns to retreat or join forces. Either way it leaves very little room for humane sentiment and, as such, we meet everything with resistence, and this defensiveness leads to isolation. We falsifiable / testifiable over creative, loving and nurturing between one another, as we expect ‘equally harsh’ treatment, and we resort to indifference, cynicism and mistrust, or else just plain meanness in a dog-eat-dog competitive environment. The bridge between East and West is wide ever since Lemuria got lost. Telepathy broke down.

Are you not one who feels that your neighbour deserves the same ever-increasingly stricter laws, higher taxes, who should accept inflation as a ‘fact of life’, much the same way that we acknowledge that death is unavoidable. Affection and reconciliation are then a foreign concept, only to be displayed in times of bravery, and only after an atrocity.

Film-makers and media corporations feed the public with predictive programming and dictate diction, and morality and sensationalism or else vanity and profanity.

But mostly, however, these are fed vague, ambiguous and conflicting messages.

The public, in despairing isolation and resignation, will begin to accept these as being just another ‚fact of life’ and will easily brush aside anything otherwordly with such sceptism.

And this all because childhood education did not nourish real and meaningful, lasting values. History is distorted or distanced from today. Sure, the important thing is to be in the moment—but our past is in front of our eyes; just look into space…Yet space missions are seen as ‚future’ prospects!! How absurd, really.

We are told that all mysteries can be uncovered ‘scientifically’, that there is ‘somewhere’ a reasonable explanation, while others are content to fall upon a faith in some written encoded bible. When neither of these satisfies, TV society and Consumerism are surrogates.

At best we find a need for a platform known as the social media to vent our frustrations before resorting to public outcry. We must meet resistance and propogate what is so obvious in the first place. Smokers are selfish, and yet the energy of tobacco is one which calls to unify.

All this does, of course, is give rise to more and stricter laws, and authority figures are encouraged to ‘crack down on’ any kind of networking that may arise and appeasing citizens with equality to mean ‘eye for an eye, tooth for tooth’ and others becoming the rebels, the outlaws, the outcasts, where discrimination is a bad word, and where ‘terrorism’s meaning is blurred but all-pervading eye of Big Brother.

About clasgtr

Ever have an idea or gut feeling, which you feel may have been mediated, for which there is no proof yet you feel nevertheless is valid and important enough to share? I put these down on blog to rid myself of them - it is a question of freedom of speech, and freedom of thought, and freedom from religious persecution. If anyone should feel offended, please be free to leave my blog.
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