What is (in) a question?

Wisdom is gained from asking, since it’s the questions which are quintessential to our being human.
To put it another way, by asking, the answer comes to you, one way or another, provided you have asked it in all genuineness.
Actually, the answers themselves are not as important as are the questions.

I ask myself (why) are we the only creatures to speak in the Conditional.

Has this happened to you? (When you search recognition or proof of your existence) while perusing a library or bookstore, your eyes will direct you to the ‘right’ book, which will literally fall into your hands and if you dare to open it, you will fall on just the ‘right’ page, and there will be the answer to your question.

I read that, for the Mayans, for the First and Second person (singular: you & I) there is but one word. Consider the concept; the consequences of knowing that everytime one says ‘you’ one always means you yourself too. (I guess if you used the Third person to mean ‘I alone’ would resolve any misunderstandings–yet isn’t that what every child says until it learns ‘I’) — and the latter statement is not a question.

If you have a ‘burning’ question, write it down;  in mid-question

the answer will also come… Then keep writing, because the very act of writing it will

resolve the ‘question’.


About clasgtr

Ever have an idea or gut feeling, which you feel may have been mediated, for which there is no proof yet you feel nevertheless is valid and important enough to share? I put these down on blog to rid myself of them - it is a question of freedom of speech, and freedom of thought, and freedom from religious persecution. If anyone should feel offended, please be free to leave my blog.
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