The Truly Great Pyramid (Part 1)

Originally posted on April 14, 2010  — edited and improved. 

Consider this for just a moment: What if our little planet and all other objects in the universe, for that matter, weren’t round after all, and that their natural pre-mordial shape (before a time of movement, suns and climate) looked more like that of a crystal — or pyramid? What if the Earth’s shape was that of the Great Pyramid in Egypt? …a cornerstone in the true sense of the word.
After all: It’s the only one of the still-standing so-called ‘Seven’ Wonders. A wonder which is still documented as being
human-built. (If you truly believe that people built it from top to bottom, don’t bother reading on, because others have
led you to believe otherwise).

What if the Great Pyramid were never actually built, but merely uncovered, (from tempered weather, winds and heat waves, and then mankind) – ultimately, as a result of ‘sun-worshipping’, which in the course of time formed what is now desertland.

What if earlier human generations, before the cult of the dead, in trying to annex it, measure it, travel through it, (or whatever else they did) etched it into pieces, maybe in a vain attempt to ‘conquer’ it and, one day, more easily transport it elsewhere and that, only later, generations of the cult of the dead would transform its use to serve as a burial ground for their kings whose souls would travel ‘through a gateway into the heavens’.

In investigating further on the Internet I discovered two surprising and controversial statements which are reported to be facts:

  1. “No mummy has ever been found in a pyramid in Egypt. Mummies have always come from mastabas or tombs in the Valley of the Kings.
  2. “No Pharaoh’s body, treasure, or treasure chamber was ever found in the Great Pyramid.” !!   

Others smaller pyramids, by contrast, serve as a reflection of the ritualistic memic behaviour of the illiterate ‘slaves’ of the times. In veneration of their fathers, they built smaller ones using the same dimensions they measured based on the Great Pyramid.

Now do we not simply take for granted that these (same) people built the Great Pyramid themselves as well?

More on Great Pyramid:



BY THE WAY: Did you know that minus 217 Celsius is said to be absolute freezing point?

At that temperature nothing is round anymore! It becomes “suspended animation

(That’s not too far from the minus 180•C found on Saturn’s Titan.)


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