Doomsday: December 12, 2012 — The Millenium of millenia

Give or take a day; give or take a scripture.
The four or five remaining Mayan codices, a sophisticated system of hieroglyphics inscribed upon Mesoamerican paper known as huun, are widely recognized  because they also contain both extremely accurate astrological tables and agricultural almanacs (esp. the Dresden Codex).
According to the IHC (Institute for Human Continuity), there is a fifth complete codex which was, until today, hidden in a cave.
(Haven’t yet gotten down to reading all there is to suss of the Gnostic texts, not to mention the Qoran and Vedas).
A subteranean city is planned in the Antarctica for the preservation of Humankind.
Although a lottery seems to elicit that it is a survival means of the ‘lucky’, and not just of the fittest, I rather have my suspicions of any large efforts made to study and conserve our kind above all others. (What about the sea worm, jelly fish, after all, or the octopi?) We have convinced ourselves that we are, likely, to be the most evolved of creatures (and what of the more basic organisms?) even though we have only reached puberty, a teenage rebellious stage which must reach its end, but not before we be humbled by a natural catastrophy on a global level. Sure, we have failed some, and have gained some. But we are to face the reality that we alone cannot recreate the splendours of the Garden.
No PC will ever fully calculate and predict the unpredictable future consequences some call Judgement Day; no Labs will ever be able to prescribe the perfect antidote; and no human cloning shall replace something as complex as the question of Creation itself. And one does not have to become religiously inclined one way or another to understand that.
Even a child will tell you such things if its parents will only listen; children are our only angels. Most of us cling to mother’s breast, false relations, false egos, imaginary, relatively insignificant borders of failing nations at war with one and other rather than to boundaries, nay frontiers, of a real yet invisible nature such as is the inevitable outcome of a ‘dimension/time-shift’, possibly 2012.
Now, heads of state have discovered a new way of getting rid of the population without waging war. Why bother waging war even? (WWW= why wage war 🙂 ) And nuclear technology can serve as microwave ovens to heat up our space food storages; some defunct missile silos can form the basis of some subterenean shelter.
IHC wants to make a survival lottery out of human life existence. Random (computerised?) selection of those who will get to live after Doomsday–again: playing God, instead of letting Nature take its toll. And what ever happened to Amerindian values?
What’s really killing many of us anyway is/are microbs, cancer cells, and the like.
I believe that perhaps the only surviving elemental human form, after the cataclism, will be monuments such as the one in Central Park of the angel Bethesda, officially titled “The Angel of the Waters” (incidentally it was sculpted by woman). Hear, it might serve as evidence to future creatures that we humans might actually have had wings (had we learned the lesson that time round). The other aspect are those sounds which linger in the ether: songs of the Beatles and Michael Jackson in space capsules… or do they?
Have we learned?
Pray thee, tell, is the solution to soar or to bore?
Is it death by fire, or by flood?
Do you see it in a microscope or telescope?
(I do believe rhetorical questions needn’t take a question mark, but are these rhetorical?)
To look at just one of many, many other entertaining distractions on your path, go to:
or else, follow your instincts, your guts, and your conciousness will reveal your true path’s destiny or fate.

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Ever have an idea or gut feeling, which you feel may have been mediated, for which there is no proof yet you feel nevertheless is valid and important enough to share? I put these down on blog to rid myself of them - it is a question of freedom of speech, and freedom of thought, and freedom from religious persecution. If anyone should feel offended, please be free to leave my blog.
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