the labyrinthe of Chartres

at the start, setting off, don’t bear left,
nor right for that matter,
but go straight ahead to the core of the matter as it were,
then ease ’round the central petal
never losing sense of direction
after that your choice is for you to bare.
ever leaning outwards towards the outermost circle
which will lead you home
And not before the fifth turn
should you proceed too rashly and hastly
for you shall come to a wall forcing you to backtrack.
Remember the outermost circle is at the same meridian
as where you started, and avoid a left turn at any time.

About clasgtr

Ever have an idea or gut feeling, which you feel may have been mediated, for which there is no proof yet you feel nevertheless is valid and important enough to share? I put these down on blog to rid myself of them - it is a question of freedom of speech, and freedom of thought, and freedom from religious persecution. If anyone should feel offended, please be free to leave my blog.
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