Self-tuned characteristics

Delicate soul
Sounds, smell
Fine tuned instrument
Much old experience
A taste of the delicacy
Here for the progression
Leading to something beyond
Preparing for something else
Outside of this life
Yet aware of moments of unity
Transformative truths
And each section is a building block to the next
Search for harmony
When there is no inner-conflict
This live is a study in harmony,
Musical and otherwise,
And was a good understanding that there is a lot more to learn

About clasgtr

Ever have an idea or gut feeling, which you feel may have been mediated, for which there is no proof yet you feel nevertheless is valid and important enough to share? I put these down on blog to rid myself of them - it is a question of freedom of speech, and freedom of thought, and freedom from religious persecution. If anyone should feel offended, please be free to leave my blog.
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