I actually recognize half the people I re-encounter in the so-called life.
Race for the finish is complete
Means for expansion I recall, in a reminiscence of a past cycle
, and then, returning to one’s were left off, I am.
Stoned brick walls in a cloud of dust collapse beside me
In the valley below, filling my heart was passion
Once a settled dust, joy or pain settle the score,
For there is room no more
But trust my judgment when I say to you today
Rhyming ends and symmetrical lines lead you nowhere.

About clasgtr

Ever have an idea or gut feeling, which you feel may have been mediated, for which there is no proof yet you feel nevertheless is valid and important enough to share? I put these down on blog to rid myself of them - it is a question of freedom of speech, and freedom of thought, and freedom from religious persecution. If anyone should feel offended, please be free to leave my blog.
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